Paint or not the livewell?

Discussion in 'Livewell and Bait Tank Review' started by Cuda-Cada, May 1, 2006.

  1. Cuda-Cada

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    Jacksonville, Fl.
    I am building a livewell to keep bait in at the house that can be put in the back of my truck. It started off as a 55 gal clear plastic drum that I got from work. I cut it down a little to make it fit better. It still if around 30-35 gal. I was wondering about if it would be better to paint the outside or not. I know that fish like it to be darker inside but will the dark color paint(black) attract the sun's heat more and heat the water more to offset the advantages of the darkness inside?
  2. TeamCatHazzard

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    Im not sure it would matter all that much. I guess it depends if it will sit in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Maybe just paint it gray or something not as dark and the sun wont penetrate through the paint thus keeping it darker on the inside. For that matter if its clear now, maybe paint it white outside, which obviously would reflect the sunlight and keep less light from getting inside because the light wont penetrate the paint as well as the clear plastic. Good luck