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    David,I think you use a special primer for aluminum boats but I dont know just what it is.I had talked to a guy about painting one I had a long time back and remember him saying the primer was very important.
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    south carolina can not use car primer,it has to be a etching etch the alum so the paint will not sure of the name off hand,but you should be able research it on the web. mark

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    south carolina
    my bad didnt read close enough,fiberglass is a whole diff animal:big_smile:
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    As an amateur do it yourselfer I would stick with something in the Brightsides or Easypoxy family.
    They are for the most part one part polyeurathane boat paints however there is another one in the brightsides family that is called Perfection that is a two part.
    These paints can be sprayed but are formulated to be rolled and lighty tipped with a brush leaving it looking like it was sprayed.
    It's what I use on small boats.
    The big thing to consider is that these paints take up to a week or so to fully cure. Just because it is dry to the touch doesn't mean it's time to take it for a spin.

    The one parts are easy to use with good looking results and gloss.
    The main thing is to use their primers. If the primer says add their brushing thinner then add it. Use exactly what the cans tell you to use.

    I just bought 5 quarts of of Brightsides for 24 bucks a quart. Jamestown Distributors had it on sale recently.

    First you'll have to get whatever you've put on it off.
    The paint job is only as good as the prep.

    The information above is for fiberglass.

    Aluminum you need an etching primer or better yet zinc chromate or molybdate. Zinc chromate and molybdate is what is most used in the airplane industry. It's not eco friendly or human friendly. Wear gloves and properly dispose of rags and unused materials. Don't just trash it with household trash.