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    dubuque, iowa
    ive got an older flatbottom boat (16' lowe line) that the original green paint is very faded or completely gone down to the aluminum.. im interested in painting the exterior of the boat black, in hopes to maybe make it look a little better and to not have that "ratty" look to it.. (not saying the ratty look is bad).

    what i am wondering is... what needs to be done to prepare the boat for paint.. and what primer/paint would work best for what i want to do. also.. i dont want to break the bank on this.. as the boat isnt anything special.. in other words.. it doesnt have to be a professional job.. just something that will last a few years.

    thanks in advance...

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    SW Ohio
    I just wanted to chime in on this, I am getting ready to paint my 67 Tri-hull, but its a Fiberglass boat. I am interested to see what they tell you. I have had the hardest time finding Marine paint period that I dont have to order off the net. This is my first go at this, and like you I dont need anything special, just something to make it a little easier on the eyes, I plan on going black myself.

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    As for finding a store that carries one...Menards has them.I dont know your exact locations in Ohio and Iowa,but i looked it up and there i seen some in your states.

    Just like painting`s all in the prep work.Make sure the surface is clean and free from dirt and grease.Then,I would use a wet scotchbrite and scrub your boat with it.This will give it a ruff texture for the primer to grab on to.Next will be the primer and then apply the paint.As for the aluminum boat...i think the paint and the process might be a little different.I`m sure someone will chime in and let you know the proccess.
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    Hello guys:
    On painting the fiberglass boat you need to sand the gelcoat
    off.Then I use (INTERLUX) primer sealer, and paint.This is a
    marine product and it can be rolled on (FOAM ROLLER) or brushed
    on with a (BEAVER HAIR) brush, looks like it's been sprayed.Good
    luck to ya'll from down here in Texas.
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    That is the primer what should one use for the paint is there some like the primer that can be roled one as well i just got a old trihaul i am learning on it was gutted put new floor in carpet then maid a bench seat for itas well as the two seats in the front the inside looks fairly nice now.
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    black is bad if your fishen in the day or keep her in the sun....ABSORBES HEAT and what do you mean not special...Lowe is a good boat :angry:
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    You would typically use a zinc chromate primer on clean, bare aluminum prior to painting.

    There are several good articles here: -- use "boat" as your search term.
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    For an aluminum boat, be sure to sand off any flaking paint and rough up the bare aluminum. Wash it with a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar. To prime the surface, use a self-etching primer that you can find at auto parts stores. Auto Zone had the best price for me. Then just paint with a good quality metal paint such as Rustoleum. Try to spray paint the paint on with a sprayer or even the old rattle cans if that is your only option. Rolling or brushing paint onto aluminum will not last as long because of the air that can get between the paint and the aluminum surface during the application and aluminum doesn't like paint to stick to it already in the first place. Anyway, just some ideas, hope it helps.