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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by ncfowler, Jun 29, 2008.

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    over the last few months I have been going paint balling with my son, Too tell you it is a blast, if you get a chance to do it, do it. the field we go to has all the gear to rent or you can bring your own stuff, which we have. Yesterday Saturday 6/38/08 we went to a open tournament at the National Guard armory, They supplied all the gear, We are not part of team so we were attached to a group of young men from Paint Ball Centeral, They were great group of young men, after all said and done our team took first place, even eliminating the National Guard team twice. My son did a great job in eliminating most of the other teams with his ever famous head shots. I on the other hand did get eliminated during the game and have the round bruses to show for it. I got hit in the ribs in the same place i got hit last month. now it is sore as heck. but it's part of the game. First place got a cool back pack for a computer filled with neat stuff, and a 4 year hitch, just kidding last place got the 4 year hitch. Over all we all had a great time, My son wants to go military, and is going ROTC next year, I talked to the recuiter to see if he can audit a weekend with the national guard so he can see if this is what he want to do. Both my son and i are looking forward to this. I want him to see what is involved in the military. I will support any choice he makes. He wants marines i want him to go Coast Guard or Air Force. both will give him a better chance of a job after his service if he decides to go into the service, he wants to go special forces,
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    Only paint balled about some pain! I got shot in the side of the neck while looking away from the direction the shot came...same day I took a shot in the pinky on my right hand...:crazy:. that did it for me...

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    i LOVE paintball.. but its way to expensive to i switched to airsoft, all the fun of paintball but you can buy 20,000 pellets at walmart for 10 bucks and a gun can cost as low as 40 bucks haha, they even look like military weapons.. none of those weird lookin paintball guns.. so fun
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    Hey we had a movement to contact lane and used pellet rifles talking about ouch!:eek:oooh:
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    i used to be big into paintball, even played tourneys and everything. had some nice markers and some nice mask and stuff. not bragging but i used to be pretty damn good on the left side middle. lol. noone liked when i got over there. it was over. then the game blew up and everyone wanted to play and now its up to like 50 60 bucks for a case of paint. i kno you can get cheap paint but my markers doesnt agree with those paintballs. bout 5 of every 7 shots gets past the barrel in a solid form. and when your shooting upwards 20 balls per second thats alot of paint being wasted. im goin to sell my marker here soon. i want to buy a new truck. ill probably put an add for it here so keep an eye out if your lookin for one.
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    Never did the paintball thing but we got by shooting each other with bb guns. Is there any difference in the pain? I have had to did a bb out a time or two.:embarassed: