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    hey guys i might be taking a job soon down in paducah kentucky and if so i will obviously move down is the fishing down that way? i know if i go down to mound city illinois and fish i can do well cuz i know those waters pretty well.....i just never fished the paducah area....
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    Flootie, I bet there's some good fishing there around Paducah on the Ohio River. I had a chance once in my profession to transfer to the Shawnee TVA Steam Plant right outside Paducah, but turned them down because I eventually got much much closer to home at Kingston Steam Plant.

    First of all, I've never seen a steam plant discharge on a TVA reservoir that didn't offer excellent fishing for catfish and striped bass, also largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, white bass, yellow bass, buffalos, and many other species. So I imagine Shawnee Steam Plant would be a great place to start.

    Then you're not very far from the Land Between the Lakes-the area between Barkley Lake and Kentucky Lake. Excellent catfishing below both of these dams. Above both dams both reservoirs are also fantastic for a wide variety of species. I envy you, Flootie, you'll be in hawg heaven.
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    I fish barkley tailwaters primarily for eaters there are bigguns on down around pickneyville on the cumberland river ask the TNR about the lakes they know them pretty well @ paducah your probably about 45 min . from barkley.
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    Steve you will like that move. Paducah has a lot to offer. Lots of fishing areas close by. It sets on the Ohio and the Ohio leads to the Tenn and Cumberland.