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    I found this info very interesting. I had always known that PA had some great goose hunting, which almost makes up for tough duck hunting in most of the state, but I never knew just HOW good it is here. According to the USFWS, during the 07-08 season estimates, PA hunters bagged 276,000 Canada geese, more than any other state or province in North America. Ontario had led for a few years but now PA takes the prize. Also, PA led the Atlantic Flyway for the second year in a row with a snow goose harvest of 12,000 birds. There has also been talk for a few years now of opening up a drawing for a swan season here in PA. I know in alot of the areas that I hunt we will see swans by the hundreds and it still seems like just a matter of time. Every year at the blinds we also get some idiot that comes up proudly totin' what he thinks is a "snow goose", and the look on his face when he finds out he just earned himself a big ol' fine is priceless. Also good news for the rest of the country is that it seems that nesting conditions in Canada and the NWT were very good this year and we should be seeing good numbers of birds. Good luck to all this year.
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    Thanks for the info. I had no idea that goose hunting was such a big thing

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    PA is a well kept secret forsure.
    Much of the hunting our friends do is on small parcels which makes it really great for being close to the deal when it happens.

    Their ( Geese) numbers seem to last season long and for what ever reason the birds show up and are in no hurry to push along.
    I hear the ducks are like most places . Residents followed by travelers and on flight days or fronts it provides some dandy entertainment.

    Central Illinois is home for us and we are in the center of a flyway. Most of our early birds come from resident Hot Water stock and then the Migration kicks in and we are hot and cold depending on what Mother nature Throws down in front of the flight.

    Good luck to all, and If your chasing them in the early season or like those teal ..Its time to get ready!!!

    R Green