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Angler Hometown Water Date Bait Weight Length
(inches) Girth
Stephen Manukas Cranberry Twp, Pa Ohio River 6/29 Live Bluegil 33 lb. 40 26
Stephen J. Killian New Kensington, Pa Lock 3 10/14 Creek Chub 32 lb. 6 oz. 42 -
Doug Behrik Freeport, Pa Allegheny River 9/3 Sucker 30 lb. 4 oz. 39 27.25
Robert A. Zaladonis Jr New Eagle, Pa Monongahela River 5/9 Live Sucker 30 lb. 42.5 22
Brad Stover Leechburg, Pa Allegheny River 6/24 29 lb. 6 oz. 37.5 28.5

My friends and I had fish that would have taken top 5 in 2007.
I will download the appplication and enter a few this year to see what happens.
These were also from western PA rivers too.
This year, Joe Gunter and I will represent the Eastside with a few.
The Westside will go DOWN!

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Good luck but the Eastsides three rivers are like Flathead Eden. I myself have been on outings that pulled a top five a number of times. But I am all about a friendly race for a placement!

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I would have been in the top 5 twice last year.I thought they had to be larger. I guess that was the Infisherman master angler award that a flathead has to be 40# +. In 2004, I submitted a channel cat to the fish commision and Infisherman. I got my name in infisherman and PA Game and fish magazines that year.Their is also a local big fish contest run in the patriot news paper Ive placed in that the last 4 years.My name is still on the 2004 list you provided a link to.Ill Submit any monsters this year will yeild. After last years success, I cant wait to see how big the susky flathead will get this year :big_smile::wink:

I dont mean to toot my own horn but, its nice to get a little recognition for all that hard work
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