OZ 8th st spillway

Discussion in 'KANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by dlbenthusen, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. dlbenthusen

    dlbenthusen New Member

    Louisburg, Kansas
    Anyone been fishing it? I'm going to bundle up and try it but was wanting to know if I should fish behind the dam or were the water comes over?
    I did'nt know if the water cooled to much on the fall or how deep and brushy the back side is?
  2. kscathunter

    kscathunter New Member

    well i havent fished it in a while. i kind of crossed that spot of my list, never had alot of luck there. the back side is definitely deeper and i cant really say how brushy it is because the rivers always washing new stuff down but theirs usually some brush but not alot. someones been letting out water for a while so the rivers been up at a good level for a while so a fish or two might bite but i wouldnt hold my breath fishing 8th street.