Oxymoron Revisited

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    :mad: :mad: here i go again on this subject,i found the true meaning of this phrase,This week,Ford announced that it would eliminate 30,000 American job's(i pray none of our brothers or sisters are among this number)anyhow,the govenor of Missouri is continuing the fight with Ford to keep the St.Louis plant open,and may i say 'kudos' to him,but heres the confusion:If the govenor of the show-me state is so concerned with job security for Missourian's,why,after a few months of being elected,did he send state government call center job's overseas?Not only is this 'oxymoron',but with the concern of terrorism and homeland security would he place state matter's in the hand's of foreigner's?Before someone accuses me of being a radical I want to say that I don't have a prejudice bone in my body,I'm just looking at the situation at face value and saying "IT IS WRONG" Back to the Ford downsizing,I pray for these soon-to-be displaced worker's.I realize the goal in corperate america is to save money,but what is a dollar saved worth compared to the alcoholism,drug abuse,suicide,broken home's and all the other hardship's this restructing from Ford is possibly going to create?I realize I got way off my origional subject here,but this redneck could'nt hold it in anymore.
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    If you had ever met "Mat" you might understand how well the term "oxymoron" applies. Better yet drop the first three letters. Mat has aspirations of becoming president. So far we haven't seen much he has done for the residents of Missouri that did NOT create problems for the less than wealthy. I'll leave it at that. Most don't know the majority of the 30,000 jobs will be lost through attrition, NOT direct termination, but the jobs are still gone. Check out what they are going to do to the retirees, the ones that can least afford it. Something is seriously wrong in this country when our governments first concern is politics and money and NOT it's citizens.