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Oxygen Infusion/Shad

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A friend of mine is selling his fathers infusion system for $200.

Do they actually keep shad alive all day?

Does the price seem reasonable?
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it helps keep them alive but a guy make me think about something once, i use oxygen in my tank but been thinking when you put them in the water they arent on oxygen anymore so what is the use. i mainly use it now when i have my tank overloaded and need the extra help to keep them alive till i use them.try putting a couple of caffiene pills in the water and watch your bait fish bounce off the walls. it stays with them longer than the oxygen does.
You can keep bait alive all day in a cooler or closed bucket with a $5 air pump from WallyWorld that runs on 2 D batteries. All ya gotta do is remember to change/add some fresh water every now and again. and if possible ad a little ice.

No need to drop all that $$$$ on something you can do just as well cheaper.
sporndle 2 bills is quite well for the system. if you are fishing with hickory shad or skipjacks it is needed then they are still tough to keep. but as far as minnows or bream or something of that nature i wouldnt see any need for it.
Theres an article on the old site about infusion.(memory is terrible so look over mistakes) I believe it was primarily used in catch and release tourneys. It was used to keep bait alive but it's expensive. The article went on to speak of air stones. Not the cheapy ones we all buy,but, the expensive ones with tiny,tiny holes.The smaller the hole, the smaller the o2 bubbles and smaller ones rise slower.
Thats the best answer I could give/remember. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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