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Overlooked tackle box items

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The two things that I always carry in my tackle bag is electrical tape and rubber bands. When fishing around others after dark, these are the most sought after items of people wanting to use or borrow for their glow sticks to put on their poles or bobbers. Just an idea for those who use them.
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electrical tape is always a must. even if it's not for practical use it's still fund to wrap things up in it! lol. :D
Hey, you ever tried zip ties for holding your glow sticks on? Another BOC Brother showed me that trick this year and it works real nice. It also makes the glow stick brighter because you aren't covering any of it up with tape.

Tape is still good to have around though. My trolling motor decided to let out some smoke last week and it was a good thing I had a roll of tape around so I could get going again!!!
Elec tape is a must, always have it. Don't forget bug spay either, they get thick sometimes and you are not always able to get some wherever you are.
Good thread Walt. Ya got me thinkin now. I'm sure there are other items that will pop up on this thread. :D
I always carry a roll of duct tape when bank fishing in the summer months,Because you can put a strip of it on the back of your watch to keep the ticks off,LOL!!!
I have found that tape comes in handy also. We use it if we plan to use gar for bait. My friend learned the hard way and got bit by a gar when we were cutting it up for bait. The tape works well for holding their mouth shut so you dont have to worry about them biting you.
this dont fit in the tackle box but i carry a small baseball bat .... why you ask

one word : SNAKES !!!!!

when you live near Copperheads and Rattlesnakes , a good snake is a DEAD snake .... thou I have yet to kill a Rattler myself ... the bat does come in handy ....

I find twist ties and toothpicks to be mandatory out there. The twisties hold on glow stix or reattach or add an extra hold on a bell. The toothpix are for hooking gills- Id rather poke em in a gill's back and hook around the toothpick than go through 8 gills trying to cast one the right distance with just a hook in their backs.
keep the Ticks off? lmao
Hey Wolfman,

"Electrical Tape" - I don't know why I didn't think of that before :eek: , (and I supose to be A Engineer :sad: )

My new boat has a built in tackle box. It is a 5' gun box and rear seat storage box. I can pile all kinds of stuff in them. Even my tackel/tool box. This is the frist time I have ever been able to carry scales with me. I have a set of 200lbs dial scales. OLD OLD ones. I can put them in the gun box now and not worry about them getting messed up.
I like to keep a can of Vienna sausages and some cheese crackers,

come on

whatever it takes

small knife sharpener. I always seem to forget that I need to sharpen my bait knife until I am trying to cut the head off a shad! I started carrying a small retractable diamond stick and it works great for blades or hooks.
bug SPAY, tea? i prefer to just kill them, not that spaying them isn't a good idea, mind you,- it sounds a little time consuming tho. LOL

i like to carry a good machete with me - hack the weeds, brush, turtles, and snakes
LMAO Phil, you know what I meant. Got to get your kicks in though, I understand. hehehe
Preperation-H is a must in your tackle box.
I carry elec. tape and also the clear packing tape now, to put on glow sticks, so you can see all of the golw stick and not just an end covered in elec. tape. Tie straps would work good but the tape is cheaper.
A few things I have all the time are rolaids. You ever been out there and get hart burn? Jeesh! That sucks! I also have several AA and AAA long shelf life(5 years) in my box. You ever been out there at night and your head light goes out and no batteries. You forgot to pick some up at walleys world? I find I depend so much on that head light. OH!!!!! and TP. You ever been out.... ROFLOL. You get my point. :rolleyes:
a good sharp pair of scissors come in handy for cuting up bait and line and alot safer than a knife in the dark. a chep pair of pvc dot gloves to hold onto those little ones.
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