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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Gibbzilla, Jul 8, 2006.

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    East Texas
    I bank fish at a public access spot at Lake Murvaul, East Texas with cabins and everything(unless I'm moochin off somebody else:big_smile: ) and always fish at a boat house. As soon as I saw the boat house about 7 year ago, I just knew there'd be a lot of fish there because of all the cover and vegetation in the spot. Ever since then, I've shown up at this exact spot every time I bank fish, and hardly ever has anyone I wasn't with fished there. This has become my personal hot spot, and I never see people even close to it. I've always thought that eventually someone would start fishing there after seeing me and some buddies pulling out fish by the dozens, but it just never happens. So I was just wonderin if I'm the only person lucky enough to have a great spot all by myself.
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    No I think we all have our honey holes. I know I do and I can't say I have ever shared this one and may never. Its got good fishing nothing real big but still good fishing the biggest thing I have caught there was a red-ear at almost a pound and a ton of smaller ones, bass, tiny catfish and so on.