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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by shingman6, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. shingman6

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    I know that reels have a line # max but I was woundering how much is too much for a reel to hold?
  2. Stubby

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    Ive always gone on the assumption that you can't put to much of any particular size of line on a reel. If it holds 200 yds of 10lb line chances are it will only hold 100 yds of 30 lb line ETC. Thats why you buy the next bigger sizes of reels. I'm happy with a reel that will hold 50 yds of 20 lb line, thats as far out as i'm gonna be fishing. Some of the guys that fish deep water need much more line on a reel than I do. My average fishing is 30 yards, 20 yds out & 10 feet down. I can do that with the Abu 5000s and either hand.

  3. kscathunter

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    line size isnt gonna be too big of deal because the reels drag is gonna keep the reel from damage, unless you run out of line, then the pulling pressure can increase and possably bend or break something. casting distance however may suffer when too heavy line is put on a reel.
  4. back channel

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    I agree with what everyone said. Line lb does not have that much effect. I usually like reels that can hold 200 yards of my preferred lb test because I do not like to respool after every trip. Also, I fish in a lot of cover were snags are prevalent and use surf rods so I can sling it out there aways. More importantly I think is the amount of weight in sinkers and bait that are going to be used with the reel. I have learned from experience that to much weight will break the reel or make the screws come loose.
  5. billNpam

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    IMO the type of fishing line depends on a couple of things. First what are you fishing for. You dont need 20 lb test line for blue gills and if you know that the body of water does not hold 75 lb fish then why use over 75lb test line? 2nd depends on what type of lure your fishing if you are fishing a 3/8 spinner bait then 10-12 lb test line works great. With heavier line the bait will not look natural. 3rd what type of structure are you fishing in if it is clear blue or is there a lot of stick ups etc etc to cut the line. 4th how far/deep are you wanting to fish and if there are big fish are they going to take line at first? Just a couple of thoughts
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    When the line starts to affect casting distance its time to lower the lb test, or move up to a bigger setup. Now with braided lines you can go with heavier lb test and have a line thickness smaller than equalivant mono line. With the braid I use I can still get it way out their. Try different lines and find what best works for you and the conditions you fish in.:big_smile: