Over stocked pond?

Discussion in 'Pond Fishing' started by keller54, Dec 7, 2010.

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    After reading some of other peoples experiences I'm starting to think my pond(folks pond) is probably over stocked with little fish. Its a 2-3 acre pond, It's hard saying what's in there anymore it use to be a good fishing few yrs back largemouth bass up to 18in were a common thing nice size crappie etc. after a couple yrs of hard winters a lot of the fish were found floating. Since my dad never got an airater to keep oxygen in water. I know there is a lot of bullheads in there not sure what else but everything seems to be pretty small. Idk how big bullheads get or if you need to use different bait to find bigger ones but just throwing a worm out you'll get those 5in bullheads all day. Not sure what's best thing to do or just leave it lol. Bigger baits would be nice but don't think putting larger flatheads would survive the winter. We Tryed once few yrs back and they didn't make it after huge fish kill. I plan on using the pond for bait to use catfishing don't know if it's even worth messing with or just letting it go. Maybe bigger bullheads are at the bottom? I haven't bottom fished the place in at least 10yrs lol
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    Good Morning..... Hey... Throw out a line and see whats down off the bottom... A three way rig and maybe a float to keep it out of the muck.

    Get a line in the water...