Over $10,000 purse catfish tournament

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    Hilljacks (or anyone else)

    Just talked to the Wayne county board of tourism. Their annual break the record catfish tournament is scheduled for May 1,2. For those who don't know, this tournament is based out of Jesup, GA on the Altamaha river. Last year 1st place paid over $10,000.

    If you break the state record with a Blue, Channel, or Flathead catfish you will receive $50,000
    Break world record you will received $100,000!

    Last year there was a Flathead Catfish caught in this area that weighed 103 pounds! That is almost 20 pounds over the Georgia State Record. The fish was caught on a trot line so it did not count.

    THERE HAS TO BE MORE!!! more info to follow
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    With that kind of money out there Im marking my calendar

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    Lets plan to do it together Richie! I'm in for that kinda greenery! We'd have to prefish a day or two.