Outboard with Jet Drive on the James

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by BigKahuna, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. BigKahuna

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    Charles Town West Virginia
    Does anyone run a Jet drive on the James? I am looking to upgrade from a 50 ELPTO to a 90/65 Jet drive. I think it would come in handy in quite a few places (especially when looking for bait). Those things arent cheap (04 goes for about $7,600). I just want to see what the BOC guys are running out there. I also do allot of waterfowling on the Potomac, and busted up my lower unit last year. If anyone has a Jet drive they are trying to get rid of, or know of some who does, drop me a line at sablab1@adelphia.net
  2. tank3544

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    Fredericksburg, VA
    i do

    60/40 merc .. does me just fine .. alone i can cruise at 30mph and with people onboard 25mph .. that combined with my upgraded thick hull i don't have to zig zag up and down the river like everyone else .. just miss the big stuff (and piles of leaves)

    along with being able to hit junk when everyone else has to swerve and run at half speed its extremely easy for me to go get bait without worrying about hitting something .. i run full tilt all the way back to the spray pits (with the exception of the old pier)

    the only downside is when it gets really windy .. you get cavitation and its tough to get over 20mph .. although when its really windy most boats can't run that fast either .. waves make it tough and leaves make it tough .. lucky for me i get about 2 days a year with bad wind and hit leaves a few times in fall and that's it

    i think my uncle is trying to ditch a jet drive but its only a 50/35 .. but he only used it once i think .. i sure wish i could pick up a bigger jet .. there's no way i could afford it tho .. i'd love to get up on plane faster and maybe cruise around 40mph

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    half-throttle IS 30 mph, isn't it? LOL