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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by barbel, Feb 18, 2006.

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    Im kind of a noob to the whole boating thing, since I just got my boat this last summer, and only got to use it a couple days before having to leave it down in florida. Anyways, what I want to know is if there are any good 5-15 hp hand-steered outboards for a reasonable price. It will be going on a 12 to 14 foot aluminum jon boat that sits about 8 inches off the water. If anyone has any good suggestions, they would be much appreciated.
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    Travis there are some good used motors to be had in that h/p range you have mentioned. I would look in the local sales papers and local repair shops.

    Around here in the repair shops and around the bait shops they have a bulletin board they hang notices up about motors for sell. I myself would avoid flea bay. I have bought parts and other thing off of flea bay and gotten burned more then once.

    Now I am not saying all sellers on e-bay is bad I am just saying I have no way of sorting the good from the bad. So I avoid them.

    Find you a small motor and either put it on your boat and run it before buying it or in a tank and first thing is do a good compression ck. If compression is good and even on all cylinders Then anything else can be repaired if the price is right.

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    The problem I have noticed on e-bay is not with the sellers, but with the buyers. I don't know if it is the bidding competition or just plain stupidity. An item may cost $50.00 brand new and these buyers runs the bid up to $48.00 and pays a $15.00 shipping charge on top of it... just no common sense. You can find used boats and used motors, new fishing equipment and used fishing equipment, things you'd really like to have and things you absolutely don't need. But it all begins with you... by all means check out e-bay. You can find some excellent buys there.
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    Ask the seller if ih has had any problems with the motor. Try to read him. Be sure to pull the top off the motor and look for bolts with the paint knocked off the bolt heads. If he has been working on it there will surely be some marks on the bolts, a tell tell sign to see if his story is mathching up. And if you can find an electric start you will love it. Ask him if he has ever changed the water pump impellar. This is a preventative maintencce issue that is often overlooked.
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    By all means, try to run it in a barrel or with muffs before you buy. If you can put it on a boat and try it, so much the better. I'd probably put in a new impeller too, no matter what, it's just cheap insurance.
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    One thing that I would caution you about is that you said you only have about 8 inches of freeboard. I would hang a big weight out the back of the boat to determine how much weight on the motor you can have without sinking it. I would feel badly for you if you got a steal on a 15 hp but it sank your boat.
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    Something for everyone to think about,when buying their first outboard motor.SIZE.There are many places(state & federal)that only allow 10 hp.or less.Many places rent boats,that only allow 10 hp.or less on the boats.Many times you can carry your small motor with you,and rent a boat,far cheaper,than renting a boat and motor.You don;t have to own a boat to fish,if you can rent.Many times it is CHEAPER to rent than to own a boat.You don;t have to haul your boat many miles,or take it in and out of the water every day.It is all up to the use that you have for a boat and motor.Buying the motor first,can be the right thing for some.If at all possable,try to rent a boat and motor of the type,model,size,or brand,that you are interested in.I have met several people that travel with their job.They carried a 2-4 hp.motor,life jacket and paddle with them,and found boats for rent or loan.Very few people worry about boat damage,with a small motor.Think! Most of us would loan a spare boat,to be used with a small motor.NOW,this is not for everyone,BUT! If you can fish without a boat,you can save a lot of money.If you can fish without a motor,you can save a lot of money.If you can fish with out a boat & motor,you can save a lot more! peewee-williams