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    I had posted this in wrong place.

    I have a 2004 20hp yamaha outboard, It's in great shape, except one huge problem. Cranks up on first pull and runs, until you try to open it up. It immediately dies and will not start right back up. Have to prime the bulb again. Should I change the tank and Hose out or could it be something I am missing?:eek:oooh:
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    By priming the bulb again, it indicates there is a blockage in the fuel line. The fuel pump is pumping, but not drawing fuel. Check the valve on the top of the fuel tank, make sure the fuel hose is not kinked, see if you can blow air through the fuel line. But the problem should be before the fuel gets to the carb. Come to think of it, your floats may be sticking. It will allow you to pump fuel into the carb bowl, but won't drop to allow additional fuel to enter. Think I'd check this first.

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    check to make sure all hose clamps are tight and that there a no leaks in the line to let air in, the pump will pump air and not the fuel and make sure the vent is open:wink: when ya pump the bulb up it must become firm and stay firm as you hold for a few seconds, could also be the fuel pump a couple of bucks for a new diaphragm and maybe 1/2 an hour to change it out not a bad thing to do anyways