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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by drcwaynem, May 11, 2006.

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    Ok all,

    I picked my boat up from the marina after having them redo the carbs on the outboard. After I picked it up, I took it out to the river for a little try. After I got it started and started up river, I heard a recurring beeping sound from the console. It went on for a while then increased in frequency. Then as i throttled the outboard up more, it the beeping stopped. I thought everything was ok then suddenly, the outboard cut out. It took a couple of tries but it started back up and I tried again. then shortly after I started again the beeping started one more time. I watched the RPM's and found that it was only reaching 4000 (50hp johnson) at full throttle and while I was watching the rpm's the beeping stopped and within a few more seconds the outboard shut off again. I limped back to the marina and got the boat back on the trailer without the assistance of the outboard (talk about a challenge). I took it back to the guy who worked on it and am having him check out the problem. Have any of you had this problem before? Sure could use some assistance.

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    I'm no expert but most boats are rigged with a safety system in case the oil injection quits or something else happens to the motor. You didn't mention it did but i was told with my boat if it goes off to stop and put a couple quarts oil in the tank and ease it back to the ramp. If you just gotten it back from the marina shop i'd be taking it back for sure! Maybe Bobpaul or Bubbacat can help you out.

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    Beeping usually indicates either 1) you are out of oil or nearly so or 2) your motor is overheating. I can't explain why the motor died on you. That is my 2 cents.
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    Your motor is a 50 hp what?
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    my boat has a 50 Merc on it and beeped at me like yours did. The oil injection bottle was empty so luckily mine didnt start again (auto cutoff) -
    MORAL: carry oil :roll_eyes: