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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by capt.kirk, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. capt.kirk

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    So many dreams yet to be realized,tasks yet to be accomplished,destinations
    yet to be reached,

    targets yet to be met,words to be spoken,promises yet to be kept...

    Dear Lord,give me just one more day to set everything right before this
    special journey called life comes to an end.
  2. Big Country01

    Big Country01 New Member

    those are some good words for thought there kirk,but you're starting to worry me...

  3. vini

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    I'll tell you i saw something this weekend that was very thought provoking .

    My dad and his wife bought a house and the entire contents of the house were in the sale and i mean 30 years of these peoples lives were left behind after the Mother and then the father passed away, none of the family came to get anything.

    There was a 50 year old son who has been living there for 25 years leaching off his parents and giving them nothing but grief due to his alcoholism. The sister sold the house from under him she was so sick of dealing with him and his selfish B.S.

    Now i am a recovering alcoholic myself and was dang near just as bad as this guy, heck i was WORSE ten fold i can't lie anymore and i told him my story and told him how and what brought me to sobriety and how much better my life has gotten and keeps getting each day i stay sober it just made me really greatful to have this gift i have gotten, plus i get to plant the seed of hope that was planted in me by others.

    Lifes short especially in the end thats all i could think of, one day faced with my final hours would i be able to look back and feel peaceful about my life? at this point i can almost say yes even with all the bad thats happened much good has come about in the last 5 years of being sober, for one thing my Mother is happy and free of worrysome burden of her son and the same with the rest of my family, and thats a relief because i carried so much guilt for so long for hurting others and not just them but what i was doing to myself was pure suicide.

    Good words Kirk, thanks man i hope you make you're journey well.
  4. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    For those kind words,i know by posting your reply you have touched someone with your kind remarks.CONGRATULATIONS on your soberity,i to
    have been sober for 29 years and my main misson in life is to extend a
    helping hand to some one less fortunate than my self.i am trying to be
    involved in charity work.i know that this will not make up for my past,but,
    but it makes me feel good about myself.we all will have to anwser for our
    deeds both good and bad in the end.keep your head held high and be proud
    of your self,i wish you sucess in your future in trying to extend that helping
    hand. :)
  5. shadow

    shadow New Member

    Hey Kirk, If you really want to help---just send me all your money on the "never,never" plan. --You never ask--and I'll never pay it back. :p :) :rolleyes: :D
  6. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    that sounds like a good plan,does it work in reverse?sell me that item and
    never ask me for a penny as payment. :p
  7. brad kilpatrick

    brad kilpatrick New Member

    Kansas City
    vini, kirk, congrats on your sobriety!!! I too have retired from drinking ( way too good at it) been sober from april 4, 1995 best decision i ever made! Life is what you make of it, so make good on yours!
  8. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    Life would really be good, and this world a great place to live, if so many mean people did not call this planet home.
  9. vini

    vini New Member

    Good deal other recoverying folks congratulations guys we can do this i try to help anyone i can and i should be doing more really, i've been thinking about getting involved with hospitals and institution board with AA i think its about time i went back in to where i spent a good part of my youth either in lock up or some rehab program, it took me over 20 years of trying to get this 5 years put together day by day, thats how it's done.

    Kirk one way i look at making amends is just to STAY SOBER each day, i'm doing everyone involved a big favor i was a big ol pain in the butt for anyone involved made my mother worry herself sick all my family really.

    Big problem i have is self control and it's a matter of maturity that i'm struggling with and it effects my relationship with others. I'm pretty high strung at times and have high expectations of others, it's the HEY "dont they know who i am" syndrome, i think i really need to lighten up in this life and take it "easy", and thats what i get from fishing i guess, takes me to calmer places then the calamity of the day to day life , i'm really needing a fishing fix here soon it's been a month or more now of work work work.

    God Bless Brothers
  10. Mutt

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    good words there capt, vini congrats on being sober for so long. its a hard road to follow i know been there done that going on 13 years for me now.
  11. Cheryl

    Cheryl Well-Known Member

    Good post, Capt'n. I was gonna give you rep but there is not a place on yours to give any, what's up with that???????????

    Keep fighting the fight and living life!