Our trip to Hillsdale

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    Me and Rajun_Cajun went on down to Hillsdale last night, and we stayed somewhere from about 6:00 to 12:30 (1800 to 0030 military time) to night fish for flatheads. We didn't get any flatheads or amazing channel cats, but Cajun did catch a nice 3-4 pound walleye (I will let him tell you about that one), and his dad caught a little dink channel cat. I caught a bunch of bluegill and one crappie :lol: I guess that is just my luck though. We fished the old roadbed for flatheads, but like I said, to no avail. I think I can say that we all had a pretty good time though :smile:

    P.S. If anyone has any tips that they have on catching flatties in that lake, feel free to post them :smile2:
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    Olathe, Kansas
    i have a tip for you buddy... YOUR MOM!!!
    OH SHANIQUA!!! :tounge_out: