Our resident guides - what do you think of this?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Phil Washburn, May 26, 2009.

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    interesting goings on here in oklahoma about guides and coast guard. what do you folks think of it?

    Governor signs guide bill, but will it stop the Coast Guard?
    Posted by edgodfreyon May 26, 2009 at 2:34 pm Gov. Brad Henry has signed SB 277, which will require fishing guides to obtain a license through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.
    The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission meets Monday and is expected to adopt the fee and establish requirements for the guide license.
    The state fishing license guide bill was hurriedly passed last week and is an atttempt to stop the Coast Guard from enforcing its licensing requirements on fishing guides at Lake Texoma.
    The U.S. Coast Guard posted flyers around Lake Texoma recently that it was going to start enforcing licensing requirements for operators of uninspected passenger vehicles like fishing guides.

    “The Coast Guard is way too stringent on a striper guide,” said Rep. Don Armes, R-Faxon, the House sponsor of SB 277.
    Lake Texoma is considered “navigable waters” by federal statute because of its location between two states and is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Coast Guard.
    The Coast Guard hasn’t enforced licensing requirements for 15 years on Lake Texoma, but it conducted a risk assessment on the lake after a fatality last month when a guide boat capsized.
    Oklahoma’s Congressional delegation - Tom Cole, Dan Boren and Jim Inhofe - are trying to intervene to prevent the Coast Guard from exercising its regulatory authority.
    In a joint news release issued Friday, Boren said that subjecting the average fishing guide to the level of licensing requirements that the U.S. Coast Guard designed for major ports and waterways was like swatting a fly with a hammer.
    Boren is urging the Coast Guard to allow the state to regulate the fishing guides.
    Armes thinks if there is state license already in place, the Coast Guard “probably doesn’t mess with it.”

    But whether the Coast Guard will back off now that the state has its own fishing guide licensing law remains to be seen.

    Fishing guides might have to be licensed
    Posted by edgodfreyon May 22, 2009 at 2:02 pm Fishing guides in the state will have to be licensed through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation if Gov. Brad Henry signs SB 277, which lawmakers passed this week.
    If the governor signs the bill into law, state wildlife commissioners are expected to set the license fee and establish requirements for the guide license at its June meeting.
    To be licensed, fishing guides likely would have to buy liability insurance and complete CPR and first aid training. Vessel inspections also might be required.
    Both Arkansas and Texas license fishing guides. SB 277 applies only to fishing guides, not hunting guides.
    SB 277 started out as a bill about commercial hunting operations, but was changed last week to the fishing guide licensing bill.

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    I think it's a good idea. The cost may go up as far as the trips, but you can't put a price on anyone's life. The guides on the coast have to be licensed. I'm actually surprised that freshwater guides are not licensed by the coast guard already whether they are on inland lakes or not( some guide on both inland lakes & the coast) , & it won't hurt for them to have mandatory CPR training either( i personally think they should have had this all along), as they are totally responsible for anyone who steps foot on their boat esp if they are paying them,( imagine your elderly father on a guide boat going overboard for whatever reason and you retrieve him & no one knows CPR, not even the guide) sure there will be more cost involved as far as insurance fees and classes, but i would feel more safe knowing that they are licensed & trained to keep all aboard safe & sound should anything happen...you can't just stick a sign up that says " not responsible for accidents". not that anyone does that, but you get the point....JMO....before too long it may be mandatory for everyone boating to attend CPR classes at least once, then a refresher course every so many years...it certainly couldnt hurt anything....

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    First off i know little if anything about fishin guides other than they take clients for compensation. I use to guide duck hunters in Ark. and always had to purchase a guide lie. Personally i think if they are guiding in a specific state, the said state should receive the monies from the guide lie. Correct me if i'm wrong but i assume the coast guard is funded by the federal gvmt. that each of us pay taxes to. Will the Guard build and maintain ramps and docks with this revenue i wonder? Seriously doubt it.:smile2:
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    Coast Guard regs require a captains license when carrying passengers in exchange for money, it's nothing new, and that is what they are fixing to enforce on Texoma. Anybody who guides or otherwise takes passengers for pay without the Coast Guard Captains license should probably check with their insurance company, because it's going to be near impossible to find valid coverage without the proper credentials.