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Our Little Thieves!!

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I put food out for the birds and every morning we get up and the feeder is empty.Now we know why. Getting rather expensive but they are cute.
All toll there is 4 of them all about the same size.
Took these pictures this evening through the glass in the back door. Wish they would of been clearer.


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They would leave your bird feed alone if you would put some shell corn in a pan on the ground. Corn would be cheeper. :big_smile: I bet Barb likes to watch them?
You can also put out some dollar store peanut butter. Hang upside down with a hole opening in the lid.
Thats cool but could hurt the wallet .After they start to get bigger.
I had one at my front step. On the last snow storm .
Bird seed can get expensive even without your visitors. So far this winter, I've gone through about $60 in seed between the birds and the squirrels. That's not counting the $60 I spent on all the new feeders. Next up is a solar powered water fountain with heater for winter use. Got no clue where all that $$$$ is going to come from. Sugar water in the summer for the hummingbirds is a lot cheaper, even with 7 hummer feeders going.
Up until the last few years, I had no idea how many hours I could spend a day, just watching birds, squirrels and rabbits. I spent so many hours last summer, watchin them, I had to go out an buy a more comfortable chair to sit in.
John, I never get tired of watching the critters. Looks like a corn feeder might be the way to go. Thanks for posting :cool2:.
I started putting out corn to distract the squirrels. They're staying out of the bird feeders so far. Doves do a pretty good job on the corn also.
Yeah a corn feeder and when it gets bigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There cute when there little but tasty when there bigger:wink:
Those are good pixs! Thanks for sharing.
You can get red pepper about 2 tsp/ 3-5lbs of feed. The birds find it to be sweet, but deer and squirrels dont. It wont hurt them, but will send em packing. They make a commercial squirrel away packet you can add, but its just ground cayenne pepper anyway.
I totally agree,they're cure as a bugs ears as the ole saying goes. Reps to ya!~~~Pat:wink::smile2:
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