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Our gathering cost $110

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I started this under another thread, but thought I would start another.

I put a small gathering of brothers together this past weekend on the White River, south of Indianapolis. My brother (blood) had a fish on the line so I ran to grab my gloves and camera. As a was running to my bag, I noticed a uniformed officer walking down the bank toward us. I waved a ran back down to where my brother and everyone else was to assist in the landing of the fish. It turned out to be a 4lb channel. Anyway, by the time the fish was in the net the CO was standing right there. He asked for licenses and we all had them but one of my friends that came down there for an hour didn't. He didn't even bring a pole. I unfortunately had let him borrow one of mine and he had it in a stand. About 5 minutes before the CO came up to us, my friend had gone over to take up the slack on his line, which constitutes fishing. He told my friend that he could take him to jail but instead would write him a fine, and that the fine ticket would give him the 'okay' to fish for the remainer of the day in case another CO came by. (They travel in flocks ). He asked my friend to walk back to his cruiser about 300 yards away so he could write the ticket. Once they got back to the cruiser, the CO had my friend spread em over the trunk, took out his hand cuffs, and told him he disserved to go to jail. After a few tense seconds, he put the cuffs away and told him the $110 fine would be punish enough. Needless to say, my friend which hadn't been fishing since he saw me a year ago, was made to feel like a criminal, which is something that he is far from being! He now has to lie to his wife, and borrow money from his grandmother because he can't afford the fine. I have attached two pictures, one of my brother and friend learning that the fishing trip was going to cost $110 because of our uninvited guest. And a second with my friend walking back to the CO's car and the evil, unlawful, anarchistic fishing pole on the right. God Bless America! More like, God Bless Americans!


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Im sorry if I come across wrong but your friend was fishing without a fishing permit right? If so I dont see where the Officer did anything other than his job. I would learn a lesson from it and next time stop and get the right permits and you wont have a problem.
I am going to have to back up SSG's post on this one. If I have to buy a lisense so should he. It is not right to chastize the officer for doing his job, although I think he went a little overboard on the threatening part. I don't think he could actually take your buddy to jail, unless your friend got smart with him. These guys will generaly treat someone like they are treated, but there are ecceptions to that rule. He may have just been having a bad day and took it out on your friend.
Sounds like he got what he deserved. Im glad to see our conservation officers at work. Fishing is fishing whether if be an hour or all day.
Everyone always seems to complain about never seeing a co and when they do they cant believe they do their job?
My buddy and I were thinking about coming up there but it was a 3 hour drive and i seen a post that that place might be flooded anyways. Sorry to hear about the @$$#0!3 CO. But you know the risk if you touch a fishing pole without a license. I dont see how they could take someone to jail over something like that though. I doubt that he was harming anyone. From the other posts in that thread for the gathering people mentioned that the location was kind of shifty anyways, so maybe he thought he had drugs or weapons and didnt feel safe. Other than the CO being a dink how was the gathering? Did everyone get along and have fun? I wanna go to the next gathering if its not any further than that.

I always heard that CO's can take your fishing equipment if you dont have your license. Is this true? I think that if i didnt have my license with me and they tried to take all of my stuff, i would have to give them a reason to take me to jail.
I don't know if it is true or not but I have heard that if you have unlicensed persons on your boat, you equipment and boat can be conficated. Like I said, I don't know but for this reason no unlicensed fishers on my boat. I fish a few other states each year and the costs can add up. But I never fish without a license. I have been buying Ohio license for 25 years and the only time I was asked was this past spring.
Maybe its just me but I don't see where the CO was in the wrong at all. What do you call someone who deer hunts without a license POACHER right. So what do you call someone fishing without a Lisence................................................


That my friends is the bottom line I pay for my fishing License and everybody else here does as well. Could he have been arrested In my opinion he was lucky that he wasn't and all your fishing gear wasn't taken. Truly I am ashamed that you would bring that into the BOC and condemn a Conservation Officer on this forum as at least one of our brothers was a Conservation Officer so to me you are condemning him as well. Next time someone is running one of your limb lines or trot lines dont come here gripping because of it since you dont like the Conservation Officers.​
In your statement, you could of been written also for allowing a person you knew who didn't have a license to fish with your pole. In most states if you knowingly lend a fishing pole to a person, that you know don't have a license , you could be charged for the same offense.

I unfortunately had let him borrow one of mine and he had it in a stand
That statement right there is as much of a charge as your buddy , So I would say you got a little bit of a break.

Cause if it would of been me I would of asked who's pole it was.

Yes I would say he got off lucky, Here in Henderson KY the fine is 125.00 + court cost which is another 170.00 so yes he got off easy. I beleive that a Conservation Officer has a thankless job. I for one appreciat what they do out there. And when they approach me I treat them like I have known them all my life, Offer them a cold drink or a spot to sit and shoot the breeze and fish a while and I think they appreciat that kind of response more than mouthing off to them.
I'm going to have to agree with everyone else. I got to know a conservation officer by name two summers ago, and after the 10th time he ran in to me at the strip pond he didn't ask to see my license, but on the 11th time he did ask. I asked him why he hadn't the time before, and he replied "It's my discretion to check, and I just wanted to make sure you were being honest when you said you had it."

Since then he asks to see my license the first time he sees me every year, and trusts that I have it every other time he runs into me. The first time he saw my Girlfriend and I fishing, he asked to see hers, but not mine, boy was she ticked!!! LOL

I had a friend that fished in an Indiana lake without a license. Patoka I believe. They took his rods, reels, and tackle box. I think its up to the co whether or not they want to confiscate items. I think your lucky to not have lost that pole or got a ticket yourself.
I think co's have the most thankless job there is. They hear nothing but complaints, your not around enough and then when they are around they are (Im a potty-mouth). Most of the time the people they encounter are armed with at least a knife if not a gun. As far as having him spread over the trunk, he was probably frisking him for drugs or weapons.
Just imagine how many licenses that 110$ would have bought. You and your friend have no one to blame but yourselves.
Sounds to me like you shouldn't have posted this, Sorry you are not hearing what I think you wanted to hear.
Quit giving this guy so much crap, they felt that the whole thing was handled wrong. Almost every CO I have dealt with has been rude. And in all reality most of you are probably guilty at least one time in your life of fishing without a license. They said this guy never fishes, didnt even have his own rods. He made a bad decision and he has to pay 110$ for it. Leave it at that before you run off more members.
The law is the law and if he broke it he should pay! Fishing is a privilege 99% of us pay for the other 1% help pay the conservation officers salary.
Sorry, but I don't drive without a license nor do I fish without one.
Right is right and wrong is wrong there ain't to grey area, that'd be like saying I'm half pregnant...
Conservation officers have more to deal with than the occasional Joe knows, so give them a break, their job is thankless.
Sides who's runnin?
i have not been checked in years. not on the boat, the boat itself, nor when out of state a few times with the boat. but i have liscense for it and to fish. the fines are heavy. even always get my out of state lisc. ys he was doing his job. sometimes it sucks i know but ya play ya pay. sorry it cost him so much. lesson learned i guess.
The CO may have gotten a bit too intense with the cuffs and the threats of jail. I'd have to be there to see how he came accross. However the laws are the laws when it comes to fishin and one of em is ya need a license.

As far as runnin off members just remember one thing. When ya make a post or start a thread be prepared to get a big variation in responses. Don't ask a question or solicit an opinion if ya ain't ready for it.
i know you were trying to do a good thing by having the is to bad
that it had a bad ending.i belive you have received enough response to your
post to know that the CO was just doing his job.why dont you and your
friends pitch in and help pay the fine so that he dont have to lie to his wife
or borrow money from grandma.just call it poor judgement on every one
involved,and get back to FISHING.
My money says there's a lot more to the story than an agent appearing and suddenly pulling an attitude and threatening to take the fellow to jail... Somebody said or did something that's not been reported here, I'll almost guarantee...
Let me see, so far this year I have spent:
1 MS resident sportsman license w/ saltwater endorsement
1 TN non-resident season license
1 GA 7 day non-resident license
1 AL non-resident season license
1 AR 3 day non-resident license
and soon to be
1 FL non-resident trip license

I wasn't there, I don't know the FACTS, but from your description it seems like the CO was very appropriate in his actions. ALso your are lucky that all he got was a ticket.
In SC, would have been arrested and transported by the county sheriff to the magistrates office or jail, depending on the time of day if he had not paid the fine on the spot.
In GA he could have lost "your rod and tackle", and the vehicle that he used to get there.
The options go on and vary widely from state to state.
My concern is more that he is going to "lie to his wife and borrow money from his grandmother", and you are telling everyone about it.

Just suck it up, help him pay the fine (since it was a group effort), and chalk it up to an experience not to be repeated.


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I've lived in New Mexico, Indiana, Texas and Arkansas. Been checked in all four states. Never had a CO that was rude to me, nothing but nice always.
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