Other Species short notice trips

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    here's the spot to post if you need a boat partner or bank partner for anything ASIDE from cats- gills pike bass walleye, ice fishing, etc.[/B]

    If I am going out for Northerns, Salmon, trout, steelies,walleye, Crappie, Perch, or Sturgeon, I will open my boat if my family is too busy to go with me and my neighbor has to work. I will post it here. You're welcome thereafter to come with or to come as well.

    If you all have plans to go and need a "spotter" (someone to toss you a float ring and a beverage if you go overboard), [i.e. you know it is wise to not fish alone but are lacking the integral essence to keep you from being defined as a "lone fisherman"], post here.

    Lets get banded together and do something this summer!!!!!