Osceola trip report

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    Madison Mo.
    Well I went to Osceola friday morning and fished through mid day saturday. Bait was very hard to come by. Cought 8 blues and 1 channel. All fish came in 12 to 20 feet of water. All but 2 blues came on friday. All fish were small 1 1/2 pound to 2 1/2 pound. Wind was miserable both days. Could not find any bait at all today. But no matter what me and my son (adam1886) had a very good time. I will be down there in a few weeks. I like it down there. Probably 10 years since I fished down there. I want to learn that area looks like good fishing water. Maybe the next time the wind will cooperate a little. It was to bad though just a pain when running in the boat. In a jon boat it was very rough.

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    Sorry that you didn't have better luck....I wish adam and I could have found some bait on wednesday. Well at least you got to have some fun. I got to do some fishing on with Adam earlier this week..it was a lot of fun. Hope you guys have better luck next time you go out.