Osceola and upper Osage report

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    Have fished hard for the last three weeks with or nothing to show from this area. Lots of water, bait is there, just no current. Caught a few whites and channels this morning, but all just good eating size. All came from up in the willows. Vacation is almost over and have to head back to California Monday. Didn't get a chance to meet up with Troy or anyone else at Warsaw last weekend due to a family gathering but I will plan next years vacation around the tourneyments. So you all will probably start getting them next week! Have a good summer fishing and remember, a day out on the water here fish or not beats a day in Califonia anytime.
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    Warsaw, Mo.
    Sorry I missed you Ron. I was looking forward to meeting you. Will see you the next time your back home hopefully. Have a safe trip back, well keep the lights on for ya...

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    yea thats too bad you couldnt make it to the tournament,it was a great time. atleast you didnt get totally skunked. hope to meet you in the future