Osbourne fishing friday night

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    No other word..."skunked". But not a bad experience. Last Friday I lost about 12 or more 5 oz. sinkers. I thought it out and used a large slip float from walmart on both rods. I only lost 2 sinkers, I didn't put the knot in because I wanted to be on the bottom but it helped getting me back in over the rocks and the cables. It looks like they added a few more buoy markers so that means more cables. I did see a guy land about a 5lber fishing under the pier light...funny thing is he lives a block away from me.....small world.
    O well I thought it might be odd using the big slip float but it saved me some cash. I can't wait to get the Katbobbers I ordered from the wild wolf seen here on the boc.... it just goes to show it doesn't hurt to try something new.
    good luck fishing