Osboune Landing 12/15

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    I took off work Monday to do some fishing. First I went down to Dock Street, the water was really muddy so I figured I'd head down river to Osbourne, it was just as muddy there too. Not only was it muddy it had alot of debris in it.
    I knew it was going to be a very short stay.

    There was an older couple that just got there a bit before me... low and behold the old guy had one on his line. He looks at me and says "I got one and its pulled under the pier"...I just sat there and said O well maybe it'll come back out. Sure enough it did...he had about a 20+ on the line. I went back to my truck to get the net to help him pull it in.

    After all the time I spent at Osbourne watching nobody catch a fish, here this guy pulls one in right next to me.

    Here is a pic....
    I'm going fishing again tomorrow, I'm not sure where...I'll post this weekend.

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