Osage River, Missouri

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    Parkville, Missouri
    I went to my sons house in Westfalia on Wednesday. Crossed over the Osage River at US50 and US63. Had the fishing poles in the van (wish now that I had pulled the boat) and decided to do some fishing Thursday morning. I went to the Mari-osi fishing access and set up my lawn chair directly under the north bridge. It was my first time out this year. I used Sonny's Punch bait and a Looper rig. Didn't even get a nibble! But it was great being out there and enjoying the quiet time. Now I really have the fever!

    I was really impressed with the Looper Rig! Held a lot of bait and it didn't want to come off. Even when I wanted it to!

    Any of you locals want to hook up for a day of fishing on the river around the mouth of the Osage or the Moreau? I'll provide the boat - if you don't mind teaching on ole dog new tricks!!!!:big_smile: