osage fishing report

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    Madison Mo.
    Just got back from Osceola fishing on the osage arm. Friday caught a few small blue cats. Keep two and cooked for supper that night and man was they good. But that was the last ones caught for my time on the water. Shad was hard to come by for me but saturday late figured out where to find them. Had a good time no matter what. One thing that gets under my skin is people that set trot line and do not put the information on them to make them legel. I do not have any problems with setting lines but do it according to the laws. I saw I dont know how many lines and not with one any infromation on them.

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    Glad you caught some fish, The cove at rv park is usually good for shad, also check agnist rock bluff,(Rock of Ages) above, Osecola. have caught big shad & buffalo, agnist bluff. MDC been checking. set lines and jugs, pretty regular,
    this year. Also limites.
    We caught 5 sat.in rain, with largest 10lb, Afriend brought in 3 largest 18.5 lb. ours were around 10 feet, cut shad.