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  1. laidbck111

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    Hey guys. I am going to be down your way at the end of September and was curios if the was any decent catfishing in the area? I will be bank fishing since I am only coming down for 6 days there and then onto a cruise. If you have any info please let me know, I am bass fishing with a guide and then doing a little surf fishing but catfish would be great.
  2. laidbck111

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    Ok guys I just need advice on a place. I was thinking Toho are another near by lake to get a little catfishing in. Anyone have any experience's around there?

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    benji my mom livesin orlando and they fish in the st johns river near stanford just an idea.
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    Thanks buddy I will have to look that one up. This will be my first trip down to Orlando.
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    Supply NC
    It's Sanford, not Stanford, and the St Johns is a good size river there. I did a year at Seminole Community College there in Sanford.

    There used to be a river boat cruise you could go on, but I think they moved it to Ms and made a gambling boat out of it. You could see what the old Florida was like from that boat.
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    Thanks Bobpaul. I got on google earth and located a couple of nice looking joles on Toho but it looks like I will be doing more bass fishing than catfishing. Oh well it's the right time of year for a big fat bass maybe break my pb and hook into a 13 pounder, lol
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    Orlando is only about an hour abd a half away from dunnellon where i live . we have a good size river here if you want you can slide over this way befor the boat leaves and you can go out with me. I fish that river got a couple of blues out of there but you know the way rivers are sometimes you get them and sometimes you dont even get a bite. But your more than welcome to come fish with me and its on me. i,ll catch the gills for it. PM me and let me know and i,ll pm you and shoot you my phone number
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    Hey buddy thanks for the offer, but the misses had a surprise for me. I sent you a pm explaining.
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    Thanks shuorc, that was a helpful link.