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    Everything is on clearance and I finally was able to pick up one these smokers. It's very simple, very different and smokes quick. It's a far cry from your hardcore smokers, but sometimes I want ribs and don't want to wait 6 hours. You put the chips inside around the drip pan so they touch the wall the charcoal is against, but the fire is outside and heats the metal and makes the chips smoke. It steams and heats at the same time.

    I'll have to take more pics, but these are a couple of pork loin roasts done in 1hr 15min . I could pick one up and break it in half. Now I'm still learnin this contraption, but my neighbor Bill does hams, turkeys, ribs, and yes even steaks....so he says. I've never had one of those yet. He did a 20lb bird in 2.5 hours and you could pull the drumstick off the bird.

    I hope my future endeavors turn out as good..........
    Here's what it looks like. Weird huh?

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