Organizing Your Catfish Tackle

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    Tackle Organization

    Several of you fine folks know that I am a fanatic when it comes to organization. LOL! I take the time to organize my tackle and keep it that way cause the dividends will be payed back 10 fold. The storage system I use for my hooks and some other basic tackle will take a very small investment of money and time to pay off. I spend time in the winter snelling the perhaps 6 to 8 different hooks that I am gonna use once cattin time comes back around.(I've got a snellin video locked and loaded and it will be forth comeing) I then bag these hooks individually and give them a home in the storage pouch marked by size and type of hook. All I do is put a good sticker on the big pouch that is in the bag. Now ya know ya'll have a certain type and size hook that ya are usein 99% of the time,so why not make it easy for yourself. LOL! Ya loose a rig or decide to put in another rod,just open your bag select the hook ya want,tie it on your barrel swivel and BAM you are back fishin in no time. Heck,the reason ya went out on the boat to begin with was to fish not to fumble around in a tackle box rats nest wastein good fishin time! Hey! Bubba may be swimmin away why you are lookin for that hook thats stuck in a big pile of other hooks all woven together and ya are just sittin there cussin up a storm! LOL! The small bags are the key to this systems success. They are obtainable from a tobacoe store,or from a plastic bag manufacturer that ya can find on line. That, or ya can find a drug dealer,beat em down, and make them give ya all their empty bags! LOL! As ya can see I have all my hooks bagged up and seperated in the large pouch. I also use the pouches to store my beads and barrel swivels and another for the floats I use on my hook leaders to keep my bait up off the bottom. The entire pouch zippers closed and fits real ice in my tackle bag along with the other necessary items in there. I recomend that ya make the investment cause the dividends will surprise ya! LOL! THANX!