Optronics fish-n-light modular LED submersable green light

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    Another item to steer clear of.I bought 1 and used it once it didnt attract any baitfish and it fogged up from the inside like the seals were poor.It broke in storge on my boat somehow?I had it in the best safest location when i went to use it a second time the black female threaded coupler was busted in half.It only has about 1/16" of wall thickness and is very weak.so i took it back and got another with 2 extension packs.1 extension pack wouldnt even thread on and the other went with a little persuation.as you look down the light long ways the moduals were crooked at each threaded connection.I took it out any way and the last extension filled with water.dosent anyone care about making a quality product any more.there isnt to much info on these lights on the BOC from what i read others say they work and attract bait.I didnt see any.mabe ill try one of the flourescent tubes to see if they hold up better.maybe there not effective cause the water is still stained.Has any one else had any luck with these lights?Is it worth investing in the really expensive ones?