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    Floyd county,KY
    Im wanting to take my wife on vacation somewhere on the coast.A few years ago I was in Glynco GA and fished off one of the ajoining islands. Had a blast, caught 3 sharks and lost one nice fish of some kind:embarassed: LOL still dont know what it was. Im looking for a nice place that we can also do some surf fishing as part of the vacation. I would like some suggestions please.
  2. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    If you are looking for the romantic village type vacation without all the commercialization and 14 miles of virtually deserted beach to fish
    the only place to go is Okracoke, NC.
    The only way on and off the island is by ferry or plane.

    I recomend a place called The Castle on Silver Lake (Silver Lake being the Harbor). There are no chain hotels out there. Just B&B's and a scant few small motels.
    Alot of intriguing history about the house and we have enjoyed several short stays there.
    Okracoke has some of the best surf fishing in the state at certain times of the year.

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    Ludowici GA
    Mark has given you some of the best advice I think any one can it is a beautiful place and the B&B's are great.