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  1. I have posted this question before but I am still skeptical on the answer and I thought some Brothers from the B.O.C. could help.
    When using a circle hook, can I leave the reel in freespool with the clicker on and let the Catfish run with the bait and then engage the hook?
    Is this O.K. or does the drag need to be tight to put pressure on the Catfish?
    Thank you for your help.

    sTRICTLY Catfish
  2. tufffish

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    i use circles both ways. some nites if you have the drag tite they turn loose a lot. other nites a tighter drag hooks them right away. i personally start with the drag tite and if i miss a few change to the clicker. if you fish with a good buddy, try one of you each way.

  3. hct236

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    I almost always start with a tight line, but if they are in a mood to be picky and drop it, ill switch to the clicker way.
  4. Can you still hook the Catfish in freespool with a circle hook?
    Thank's for the help.
  5. Catmanblues

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    S.E Ohio
    I would think the best method is clicker on but again its according to the circumstances.
  6. Wabash River Bear

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    If I'm fishing for blues which mostly hit agressively, I'll leave my reel locked up and let the action of my rods and the strike of the fish set the circle.
    If I'm fishing for sensitive mouthed flatheads, I'll leave the reel in freespool with the clicker on and let the flatty run before locking up and crossing his eyes. Even then it's a gamble on whether you'll get a good hookset, or if he will just drop the bait. Thats just flathead fishing.
  7. kscathunter

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    no you will need to add pressure with your thumb or flip the reel out of freespool when you think hes ready. i personally believe in leaving the reel engauged i have noticed that if i use the clicker the fish will move the bait and forget were they put it, with the reel engauged the bait remaines pretty close to were they found it and they will keep attacking it till they get hooked.
  8. outdoors1988

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    I just got my first abu not to long ago and i'm wearing out the clicker. I just let the fish run for a second and then nail him. Only missed one that way so odds are not that bad.