opening day this comming Sat.

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by on_the_fly, Sep 3, 2008.

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    well opening day is three days away here in KY. how many of you hunt this early in the session? I have been kicking it around but I think its just too hot for me to be out there yet. I like to procces my owen deer and its so hot I dont want to loose any but I do like the thought of a big rack still in velvet on the wall too, I did put in my new two man stand yesterday though so me and the boy can hunt this year( looking forward to that-should be intersting:cross: )
  2. Carp Killer

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    Ours is still a week and a half away.I always try and get out at least a couple days right off the bat.Then i usally won't go back out untill the first of Nov. and hunt the rut.You just never know what you might see the first couple days.I have had some buddies that have stuck some big deer(160+) on the first week.Its hot but the deer arn't expecting you yet.

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    Missouri opens the 2nd. weekend of Sept. If it's not to hot i'll hunt some. I prefer it to cool off some.
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    Missouri -
    I hunt the early season sept. 15th opener here. When I take deer in the heat, I process them as fast as I can and get them into the freezer, if you don't have time to do the whole job you can quarter them and put them in the fridge or a large cooler full of ice. If you use a cooler with ice put the meat in plastic bags and open the drain plug on the cooler to let the water out, block ice melts slower than cubes, but cubes chill faster. Good luck Leroy. Take a thermocell or some bug spray them blood sucking misquitos come out about the same time the deer do,lol.
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    i bowhunt 30 minutes from the house, and also do my own processing. i can get a deer quartered up real quick. what i do is call the wife as soon as i have a deer down, and she gets everything ready at the house. in the heat i average 45 minutes from the thing hitting the ground to me quartering it. i just put the quarters right in the ice in the cooler for a few hours while i get a shower and wash off the bug spray and take a little nap. then i get up and process my deer the same day. i do hogs the same way, but i try and shoot them in the cooler times, since that spot is further away. where i live i might have to do this even in rifle season, since the weather is so finicky. i have shot deer in early december and it was 80 degrees. other years we are dragging them out in an ice storm.
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    When my buddies in the Midwest complain it's too hot to hunt I always reply "I guess people in the South don't deer hunt then". My first clue was when I was working in Louisiana and one of the workers was late for work. He had a deer he'd shot that morning, quartered and iced in the back of his truck!
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    Independence, M
    I think the hot weather bothers the hunters much more than the deer. They are going to move sometime before dusk or just after sunrise, might as well be out there