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Oologah Lake

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Rogers County, 2 miles E of Oologah, OK
29,460 acres
Shoreline: 180 miles

This area is the birthplace of Oklahoma's best-loved and most famous citizen, Will Rogers, who was born halfway between Claremore and the lake's namesake. "I usually say I was born in Claremore for convenience," he once said, "because nobody but an Indian can pronounce 'Oologah.' "
The Oologah Public Hunting Area comprises almost 13,000 acres of easily accessible land. It provides excellent hunting for quail, squirrel, rabbit, deer and waterfowl. Some 1,000 acres of the area have been designated as a migratory bird refuge.


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Known for holding the state record flathead & its incredible sand bass, Other
species include: striped bass, crappie, and walleye. One of the best
catfishing waters in Oklahoma.
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