Oologah 11-14 and 11-15 2009

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    I fish Oologah and we went Saturday, bite was slow in the morning and they were biting short. Missed three really hard bites that felt like good fish but they came off or were lip hooked and pulled free. Caught 6 cats below 5 lbs before noon, then the front came through and only caught one more and called it a day at 2pm.

    Went Sunday and it was miserable out with the rain and cold wind. Only caught one drum. Fish were lighting up the sonar 10 feet all the way up to 30 feet deep but they were not feeding at all.

    Moved three times on Sunday, moved 6 times on Saturday and drifted a little both days.

    Deer rifle season will prolly keep me busy the next three weekends so them Blues will be safe till December. Good luck all!
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    Gonna try it in a few days. Whats the Shad situation?