Only way to fish is on the Bottom

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    Man I have a 4-5 acre pond in the back yard and I caught two monster cats off worms 18 and 20 lbs channels. Then Nothing. So each night I secured a line and threw out a bait. Marshmellows, Chicken livers has caught me a few mud turtles and two 40 lbs snapers....but they were a great soup. Then last night threw out a hunk of left over bbq chicken that was sitting in the frig. Woke up this morning. and I had the pretties 24 inch 15 lbs channel on the line. Not fat or bulgy but just a pretty grey and spotted. I thought maybe they arent spawning since I have yet to catch a small one but then I caught a 1 lbs channel and a 5 pound fatty shapped channel. Anyone know why they look so different like jake and the fat man. All are nice but some are just plain fat. No complaints though. so my new bait of the week is left over bbq chicken legs. pull a chunk off hook it and you are cool running. Will put some pics on soon. I will be placing 5 buckes in the lake for spawning next year. I doubt there will be over population since there is a great bass and blue gill population. 1/2 lb blue gill all day long. Wow UGA said it would be fine when I asked them about spawn buckets.