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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Phil Washburn, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Phil Washburn

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    anyone have any experience with one? i am thinking about furthering my education and online seems like the most practical. anyone have any advice for me?
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    my wife is getting her second grad degree, some of the corses are online. First they will tell you to have a good internet service such as cable or dsl.This is a must. Taking a test and getting disconnected could result in a lost grade.
    I would check out local and state colleges to see what they offer before going to a "online college".
    If you do use a "online college " make sure it reconised by your state, and fed standards.
    my wife had no real problems to talk of with her online corses, some from uncg, and a&t.
    Like anything else do your homework before selecting any school. no pun inteded.
    once again please frogive my spelling

  3. Kat-tamer

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    I am now taking an online class through a local community college. I am a full time student during the fall and spring, I actually go to the school, but for summer I decided I would do online. It is a little harder because everything you learn comes out of the book. It's hard to get help if you don't understand something. However, I am liking not paying for all that gas to get back and forth and I work on it on my own time. I do know several people who take all their classes online and they all like it. But as said before, definately check out the school and make sure it is accredited.
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    First, make sure the college is accredited. I know of a couple of people who paid a lot of money and spent a lot of time getting online degrees only to have them not be recognized by their employers. Second, do not procrastinate! Many online classes are self directed and it is easy to fall behind. Finally, there may be additional books, videos, software, etc. that may have to be purchased for an online class. With that being said, I have taken several online classes at the Masters and Doctoral level that have been great. Good luck!
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    Recently completed my Asssociates in Business. Very highly accredited school but this is still not the answer for furthering your carrer. Make sure your in a good field to start with. My biggest drawback is my age. I wanted to start a Bachelors but the added cost and my age of 47 means about $30,000 in additional loans. I figured the additional income generated by having that degree would not pay for itself by the time I am 67. This is because I was not in a good field and restarting someplace else means accepting a lower income.

    To make a long story short make sure you work for a good company that can support this type of effort with advancement and maybe some tuition reimbursement.
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    I second that suggestion, we seem to be following the same path with our courses, it is better on the gas and wear adn tear on the vehicle, you do have more flexibility with your study hours. It is important that you do check out the credibility of the online college. I would also suggest contacting your local community college for more information on this. They have guidance councelors who are there to help with decisions like this. It is alot harder than being in an actual classroom where you are able to ask questions and have things explained to you, and you are solely responsible for reading your assigments, getting them turned in on time, and arranging for test times. It is a good thing and I wish you luck with it.