One week to hunt in November, which one?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Big B, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Big B

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    North Texas
    I am taking off a week in November to perch myself up about 15 to 20ft in a tree. I will be bowhunting and spend all day in the tree(s). I am thinking of hunting the 17th - 25th. According to a generic "deer activity index" that is the absolute best time to "see" deer. I was in the field for part of the rut last year but for the life of me I can't remember when it was:crazy:. I have to tell my boss which week I want off and I would like to hear your thoughts on which week will be best. This way I can include you guys on my hunt without any of you shooting my
  2. jeffw51

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    here in missouri,id take the 1st week of november,because its the tail end of the prerut and bucks are still in the chase and look mode.towards the middle of november when alot of big bucks are on does it becomes harder to pin one down your hoping a doe leads a buck by you.ill take prerut over rut any day just my opinion.

  3. chambers bd

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    Hey Folks,
    I would check your rut times, DNR should be able to help you out with this. They have Biologist on staff for over all health of wildlife.
    Nov 17 thu 25 Nov is a great time to hunt here in Georgia.
    Maybe you could take two long weekends instead of 7 or 8 days in a row.
    Good luck on the hunt
  4. Arkansascatman777

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    Brian, The peak of the rut is to hard to predict. I've seen it hit full swing as early as late October in this area but usually it's early to mid November. IMHO it would just be a crap shoot trying to guess it. If you get a early cold front come in and have a frosty morning or two this is usually what will trigger it in this area more than a certain date. If i were to take a guess for your area it would be mid November. Good luck on the coming season, hope ya get a bigun.
  5. psychomekanik

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    our gun season is always the 3'rd friday sat. and sunday of november. it's usually right around peak rut. i take a week off some before and some after the first gun season. i see a lot of non-resident bucks after the shooting starts. lots of gun pressure around me and no gun hunting where i am. non-resident bucks in the middle of the rut makes calling and rattling very productive. i see lots of fights around this time too.
  6. Grumper

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    Crystal City MO
    Seems to me from past experience, the best days to be in the woods are Nov. 6,7,8,9. Most of the serious bowhunters I know have taken their largest deer (150-200 class) in this time frame.
  7. Prowler

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    I also would vote for the first week of november, (plus try and sneak a couple of the last days of october in there) Haloween day has always been a banner day for me here in maryland.
  8. kkyyoottee

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    I know all of you are going to say your nuts "Will" for not saying the rut. But here is my experience have you ever tried to stop a mongo buck with his nose to ground following a "hot" doe? Give me prerut anytime I am hunting with a "bow". You have to make some kind of noise to stop him then he is on full alert!!! Ya Busted!!!Now for you gunners rut is fine!! But for us stick people rut is not so good in my mind. If you know your area and your pattern for deer and where they are going for food odds 10-1 better.
  9. Cathooker

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    I want to be in the woods the week before the first full moon of November. Usually this is the week before the rut really gets wild. I would find out when the peak of the rut traditionally is for YOUR area and plan on hunting the entire week from day break until dark the week before the usual peak.
  10. Angler2007

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    I'll take the pre-rut over the rut any day. I love to rattle those big boys in and starting around Halloween through the middle of Nov. is prime for that. If I had to choose a week to be off around my area it would be from Halloween thru Nov. 7th. Good luck to all! My season is just about to get started! Come on cool weather!
  11. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    Yep, I like pre rut. The bucks are moving more and covering a larger area.
  12. Todd Strong

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    Cambridge, Ne
    The rutting moon this year will fall on October 26, this should gear up the seek phase. By October 30-31 the chasing phase will start and last for 10 days in the sweet spot of the rut.

    So I would take Nov 5 Thur the 9th and stay in stand from sunup to sunset.

    Unfortunately I started a new job this year and haven't any time to take off.
    Went from three weeks to none that sure puts a hurt on my hunting time.

    Good Luck, I'am sure your decision will be the right one.