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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Gator, Apr 12, 2006.

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    Ok they have pushed my surgery back again this time to the 24th of April. I am about feed up with the BS that the military hospital’s put you trough. I have a guy here at work who had the same surgery done on him and it took him 30 days from the time the civilian doctor told what was wrong to the time he had his surgery. This includes getting a stress test, EKG, blood work, preop and the surgery, me so far over a year! Yes I have been walking around in pain and losing mobility in my right arm since March 2005. What ever happen to patient care? I will give you more details after I speak with a JAG officer as I may be asking for some help from all who are willing to help that is, because if this is the military’s idea of health care for the retiree’s I wonder just what they are doing for our son’, daughters, friend and family members on active duty. Just maybe your congressmen and local government leaders might like to know how there voters and members of the families are being treated. I will let you know more on Friday after meeting with the deputy commander of the hospital and the JAG.
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    We would help anyway we can.

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    The fact that you have not had the surgery yet is OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I am here for you and willing to do whatever I can to help.
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    Isn't our government grand!?

    My son is active army and has problems with the medical people from day 1!
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    Im with you all the way Jim, that is exactly the reason I had to go to private care. There surgeons actually told me there was nothing wrong and that I would have to live with my arms going numb. Civilian doctor took on look at my MRI and asked what day I could come in and this is what wrong. I sure hate to see anyone going through that. Keep us posted Jim.

    Been there done that.
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    I hear that alot abot the V.A. hospitols all over the U.S. and it isn't fair, especially the vets that served our country, I know cause I'm one of them also and have had trouble getting them to help me.
    Our vets need the proper care that we deserve.
    Sorry to hear that they are taking their time to help you. I hope you can get the proper help you need sooner than that brother, my prayers are still with you.

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    I have one friend who is in the reserves and my father in law who is a vet. Both recieve the treatment you speak of. I have a solution. If we made all our politicians only recieve medical treatment from VA and base hospitals then things would change.
  8. fish

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    Jim, I know what you are talking about. It took them three months to see me when I was having heart problems and another three weeks after that to get a heart monitor and then they lost the results. I finally had to go to the ER at a regular hospital as my heart was going crazy. I had a colonoscopy last November and it took 5 months to schedule that. I have still not heard anything from the test results. I was told by one of their doctors that I had an enlarged prostate and they would schedule me to see a Urologist and that has been three years ago and I haven't seen one yet. When we finally do get to see a VA doctor, all they do is talk about their case load and don't really do much of anything else.

    Jim I sure hope you can get the relief you need very soon, my friend. We will be praying for you buddy and we will help any way we can.
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    Sorry to hear about that Gator it really sucks the way the VA hospitals do this to people. That is why I am glad I have other ins. I myself got tired of the garbage they pulled. But it even happens with other insurance too the wife has waited 3 months for approval on a minor surgery on her foot and I had to call and see why it is taking so long she got to the point she couldnt walk hardly. Good luck let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
  10. APD1146

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    Hey guy, I'm there for you. I don't know how we can help but you let us know and we will do what is needed. I too am a vet but do not use the Va hospitals for this and other reasons. My dad who is a vet has been getting good treatment at the VA, but not me. I was fortunate enough to have a good civilian job and health care even now that I'm retired and use the regular hospitals in my area. Good luck to you sir, and let us know what we can do to help.
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    My one and ONLY experience with VA left a bad taiste in my mouth and one of the reasons I still have 2 bad shoulders. I am not sure I would even trust them as I would probably wind up in worse shape. I use the local Clinics and hospitals for the small stuff. Kick their butts Jim and make them take care of you because that seems like the only way they will give a damn.:sad:
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    Man I'm sorry to hear about them giving you the runaround. You would think that the least we would do for you Vets is take care of you after you are out of the service. Thank you fo serving our Country and if I can do anything let me know.