One that got away

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    Yesterday while I was on the phone here in the office, one of my customers was out on the fishing dock jigging for crappie with a small rod and reel and 10# line. He had caught several "keepers" when I looked up and he was hung up on brush. I watched while talking on the phone as he tried to get loose, then he startted looking around then waving his free arm for someone to come help. I hung up and went outside. He yelled to bring a net, he said he had a big catfish.

    I figured he had a nice keeper channel cat or maybe a carp, so I grabbed my crappie fishing net since it was beside me at the fish cleaner and went to the dock. He was hung up again but said the fish was still on. He worked and worked, then asked me if I could get it loose. Since nothing was happening I thought the fish had broke off and left him wrapped around brush. I hand lined it, felt the line pull over some limb and then the tugs by a fish. Couldn't get him loose. So I sent the guy over to my fishing boat after a grapple so we could pick up brush and fish both.

    While he was gone, the fish came loose and I started to ease him up. I could tell he was a heavy fish, but it was real calm, not fighting much. I got him up by handlining just as the guy got back. He picked up the rod about the same time I saw a large light-colored "something" in the water, then down he went again.
    After more work handlining, I managed to get him started up again. I still hadn't seen it well enough to know what it was. This time, we got it up enough for me to see a big flathead tail as it went down again.

    Anyway, the third time we got it up, we were able to see it was a flathead at least 20#. He was so docile and calm, not a worry in the world. I guess the slow steady pull of the 10# line didn't scare him, just was a slight annoyance.

    I lay down on the dock under the handrail and managed to get him in the net. He came alive then!!!!! I was hanging on, laying on my belly (kinda like a fish outta water), trying to get him up on the dock, when he blew through the bottom of the net and was gone!!!. We both stared at the ripples on the water, dripping from being soaked, with silly grins on our faces. Guess next time I'll bring a heavy net, but at least we've got a good story for "the one that got away".

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    Great story bud. At least you got to see him. Believe it or not ive had that same exact thing happen to me before and I invested in a better net. LOL Thanks for sharing.


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    Great story. I would count that fish as caught. You had him in the net. Good enough for me.

    Thanks for the story.
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    great story man. yall will get him next time.:big_smile:
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    sorry you lost sucha nice fish you will get him the next time
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    Great story! I bet the heart was really pumping during that ordeal! Hey ... It happens. Good luck next time.
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    You caught that fish, it was in the net. It then got away and was a dissapointment. I have had a similar experience with my biggest gar.

    I hooked a big gar near the bank with a dead piece of baitfish and treble hook. As I pulled him closer to the bank I saw that only one of the barbs was in his mouth - and these were cheap trebles (Eagle Claw's cheap version). I had to get him in. My line was 15 lb test Stren High Impact, strong enough for this 7-8lb longnose. I got him to the bank and grabbed him behind the head. I was worried about his strength and just then, like they always do, he thrashed his head and I lost grip. He sat with his head out of the water for a second, then with one powerful snap he cracked my line in two and was gone. I had caught the fish, had him in my hand, but had no measurments, pictures or weight. All I got was the memory.
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    Great story brother thanks for sharing.:smile2:
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    great story atleast you got to see him
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    Great story Craig.That fish will still be there for another great fight.thx for posting.