One small Smallmouth Bass tonight

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    My great nephew (King Cat101) and I went smallie fishing today. Can't say we had that much success. I caught one redeye and one small, Smallmouth. Caught the redeye on a Senko worm drop shot rig and caught the smallie on a jig and pig. The redeye was in about 30 feet of water and the smallie was around 15 feet deep. Both were caught off the side of two different points that dropped off into much deeper water, very quickly.

    Had a lot of "tap tap" action on both the jig and pig and the senko drop shot rig. But, no real serious takers. Got a feeling it was probably bluegill. But, maybe not, for the depth of water we were fishing.

    We fished from around 7 PM until midnight. And, talked to three guys who were loading up at the same time we were and they said they never got a strike the whole night. And, that they had thrown everything, for both smallies and cats. Cut bait, nightcrawlers, plugs etc etc. So, I guess we should feel fortunate that we caught what we did and did have a bit of tapping at the end of our lines.

    Anyway, I have attached a pic of the smallie and me.

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    Hey 2 fish is better than a stick in the eye, looks like a good catch to me.