One of the coolsest baits i have ever used

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    i went to a fishing derby on sunday. well they had it netted off from the larger lake that it flowed out of. well we were pretty close to the net. well i was catching some bullhead and i wasnt getting very many bites. well whwere i was at that wasnt normal. well i was fishing with my sisters my mom my stepdad and my grandparents. my grandma wanteed to get some thing out of my tacklebox and she saw that i had a little jar of powerbait crappie nibbles. wel she told me to try using one of them and aa worm. well i decided to and not even 5 minutes later i was oulling in a 1 1/2 bullhead, and where i'm from thats pretty big. well just thought i would let you guys not that. cya ♣JD♣