one of the best teams in the nation

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    Dale Kerns and Greg Edwards to me are the best team i have ever had the pleasure of fishing against. these 2 guys are unreal. we had a small tourny yesterday and dale was with his son greg couldnt make it. noone got one much fish we was 3rd with 30lb 2nd 54lb then he had 132.6. wow thats just unreal. they are the best in my opinion. they always catch huge fish and it doesnt matter where they go. i cant wait to fish against them again.
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    those guys are tough!!!! i dont know what they do different or were they go when they leave the ramp but they wear them out!!!! i was lucky enough to beat them one time..... hope to b able to do it again.....:wink:
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    Might as well send them your money now...:smile2:

    I agree. I've only been tourney fishing a few years but if you research results you'll almost always find their names at the top in certain pools. I don't know why they didn't fish this years Classic though.

    Some teams seem to get hot some years but year after year they'll be near the top. I wonder how many more teams Duracats would get if they sat out a

    I would love to know what they do so differently.

    I was the lucky guy that got to weigh in after them after they set a record in a Cabela's event out of Henderson a couple years in the hell do you follow that?:crazy::big_smile:
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    I'll agree with all of you, Dale and Greg are a couple of the best there are when it comes to catching big catfish. It's always a pleasure when fishing a tournament with them. I hope we get to see some more record weighins that they are so famous for!!
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    If you remember right Dale and Greg hold te Cabelas all time biggest 5 fish stringer right now as well which was caught in Henderson a few years back...I had 130 lbs that day and that we were doing good but the spoiled our party again....Hats off to them and the desreve it because I know they spend a lot of time on the water year around..:wink: