One Of My Boyhood Adventures

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    When I was 16 years old and my brother was 2 years younger.
    We decided to go camping and fish all night on the South Fork River 2 1/2 miles from our home at the bottom of Spencer Mountain.My brother and I talked it over. We decided to check with all the neighborhood boys to see if they wanted to go fishing with us.Their was six of us that decided to go.So we dug some worms and got our Zebco 202 rod and reel and a old quilt to sleep on.We never owned a sleeping bag.I think we had a couple flashlights between us and a old kerosene lantern.I drove mytruck down to the river yesterday just to check the milage because this was in 1965 it been a long time.Well back to my adventure.We had 3 bikes so we double up on the bikes and we were on our way for the river. We stopped at a little store on the way and got us all a snack.We wanted to get the river before dark.We finally arrived at the river where we wanted to fish.This place is called the sandbar.We went there often in the summer.We set up camp and built a fire before it got dark.Once we had all cut us a forked stick to prop our rods on we were set to fish.We had caught several bullhead cat before dark and had put them on a stringer an hung them over the bank in the water.When you are a young boy every thing on the river at night is spookie.With the old kerosene lantern you can`t see far any how.We were catching catfish ever 20 min or so.When you're in a place like the south fork you start thinking about all the old foke tails.Just about all the old timers had a wise tale about the big Cottonmouth Watermoccasin that lived on the river.So every noise you would hear you would jump.Around midnight one of the boys caught a good bullhead so he unhooked it so I was pulling the stringer out to add the fish .When I lifted the stringer I had never seen such a big snake in all my life.:frk-big:It had swallowed the first catfish on the stringer I'm here to tell you folk I gave that snake those catfish stringer and all. I want to tell you our camping and fishing was over for that night.
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    Thats a good story Ace , We cant wait to here another boyhood adventure. :) :thumbsup: :0a31:

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    HAHAHA! Thats a good story. I absolutely HATE snakes myself and would probably have done the same thing. Good to hear stories about the good ole days which I am too young to remember! Thanks for sharing that story!
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    When I was about 14 I was fishing a catfish pond not far from my house, the same thing happen to me too. I did just as you Ace, I let the snake have the fish stringer and all.
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    great story !

    that reminds me of a snakey story when i was about
    7 or 8 and my brother was 12 or 13 .
    it was dureing summer vacation visiting my grandparents house in bradford arkansas. my brother and i would explore the farm and adjacent fields
    that werent part of our grandparents .
    we had came up with the idea of walking down the dirt road a few miles away from the house to explore a large creek that we would pass over
    to and from town .
    we wind up splitting up one on one side and the other on the other side of this creek and started walking down looking for snakes .

    to give you an idea of how retarded we were :rolleyes: we were in those kmart flipflops they called them thongs LOL.
    great protection from the fangs of a water mocassin or copperhead that were teaming in that area, guess OUR parents thought we were smarter than that?
    anyhow we get about a couple hundred feet down the creek from the bridge and i see the longest snake i think ive ever seen and it was going down
    into the water but the body was under the vegetation and vines that my brother was on top of his almost bare foot was onto of this monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

    it seemed like it took a full minute for this thing to slither down into the water . my brother couldnt see the middle or tail he just seen the front end when i told him he was on it he thought i was lieing hahahaha
    we didnt run but we sure had our eyes peeled on the trip back to the road

    the same summer prob. the same day or the next one of his flip flops broke and he went barefoot . we went to another pasture up the hill and were
    into it half way when a couple large horses came chargeing towards us
    and after his pleas i gave him one of mine and we hopped to safty under the barbedwire fence LOL they were just looking for sugar , food or something im sure . but we thought they were attacking LOL
    there was some godaweful sticker plants all over the fields 1 flipflop was
    hardly protection but it beat none.
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    I can relate to your story. I grew up along the levee in Miss. One of Dad and my favorite pasttimes was frog hunting. The borrow pits along the levee were full of fish, frogs and snakes.

    Our usual method of frog hunting involved a .22 rifle, a bullseye spot light, and walking the banks of the pits shooting frogs..The most memorable night we shot 28 frogs and by the time we got to them to pick them up the snakes had claimed 14 of our total. We kinda felt that to be a bit excessive :crying:
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    You know when I saw the title of this thread I got kind of worried.....LOL;) :p

    I must be a boring boy, all I do is go