One Dead Deer

Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by Ben Noll, Oct 2, 2009.

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    On my post couple of days ago I forgot to mention that on the way home after Darrell and I had a good night on the Muskingum I proceeded to whack a damm big doe.AJ Foyt could not have missed it.A whole heard of 6 or 8 was all over the road.I managed to only hit one of them.It was a broadside smack with the deer going up and over the cab.I was probably doing about 40 when we met.I've got one of those hard flat caps on the bed.I told Darrell it was probably in the boat.I get er stopped.The deer missed the boat somehow but I had deer crap,blood and hair all over the truck.Turned out to be a 1200 dollar dent.Not heavy damage mostly cosmetic with all the plastic stuff on the grill,marker and turn single lights,etc.I live and hunt in deer country and this is the first time I ever hit one with a vehicle,hope its the last.Good fishing and be safe.
  2. JBrooks

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    Ouch! I have to deal with them all the time in the back roads coming home from fishing holes late at night. You honk your horn and it doesn't even phase them, it's scary how used they are to human society anymore.

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    well you are doing better than i am, i have hit 5 to date lol,only one caused major damage, popped a few headlights and and cracked a grill once:confused2:, only bad hit was on a test drive with a judges cadillac, i got that one pretty good lol, state patrol pulled up and said isnt that the judges car ? just be glad it didnt come through the windshield, thats all you can hope for
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    Glad you're okay Ben. People have been seriously injured when they come through the windshield.

    You guys should see what a horse (at full gallop) does to an ambulance traveling at 40 MPH. One of these days I will scan in the pics.
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    That sucks, but hey... at least you're ok!